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SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch – Original Chinese Military Issue


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SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch – Surplus Chinese Military SKS Type 56 Chest-Rig Bandolier Pouch

This is a original SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch made to cary 7.62X39 ammo on stripper clips. It has the original wood buttons. Canvas. OD Green


* ammo and stripper clips not included

The SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch – Essential Gear for the Chinese Soldier

China has continued to develop variations of the SKS rifle for more than 55 years. In fact, China has produced more SKS than any other country on the planet. They have continued to update the rifle’s design and have created a variety of variations of the SKS rifle, such as the SKS Paratrooper (with a shortened 16″ barrel).

SKS Bandolier Chinese Soldier

One of the unique features of the Chinese SKS rifle was it’s ability to speed load ammo using a 10rd stripper clip. The loaded stripper clip could be pushed through the top of the bolt carrier and into the 10rd SKS Box Magazine for rapid loading. Chinese troops would often carry up to 500 rounds of 7.62×39 ammunition in their SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch. The SKS Bandolier Chest Pouch was a critical piece of equipment for the Chinese soldier and allowed the him to position his ammo within hand’s reach for quick and easy access.

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