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SKS Sight Tool – Adjustment Windage and Elevation


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SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool –  Hardened Steel for a lifetime of use. This tool will adjust the windage and elevation on any standard SKS or AK-47 type rifle.

If you own a SKS or an AK-47 rifle, the SKS Sight Tool is, without a doubt, one of the most useful gun accessories you can have in your tool kit. If your SKS front sight is misaligned, or if it did not come properly sighted in from the factory, you’ll need to adjust the sight with the SKS sight tool. In terms of functionality, the SKS front sight and the AK-47 front sight are essential the same and consist of two key parts: A) the front sight pin(elevation), and B) the cam(windage). Without the SKS sight tool, it is nearly impossible to adjust the windage on either rifle.

So, How Does the SKS Sight Tool Work?

To adjust the elevation on your SKS rifle, (or AK-47 rifle), it is as easy as inserting the tip of the SKS sight tool through the hole in the top of the front sight and twisting left or right – Turning left will adjust the front sight pin upwards, and turning to the right will adjust the front sight pin downwards.

To adjust the windage on a SKS Rifle, align the hole on the SKS sight tool with the cam on the SKS front sight. Then, turn the handle to push the cam through the front sight. To adjust the SKS front site in the opposite direction, simply flip the SKS sight tool over and push the front sight cam in the other direction.

Remember, only small adjustments are usually need when adjusting your SKS front sight.

This metal SKS Sight Tool will work for both SKS rifles and AK-47 Rifles.

Works with the following SKS Rifles: Chinese, Russian, Yugoslavian, Finnish, Serbian, Romanian, Polish, SKS Paratrooper, SKS-D(detachable AK Mags), SKS-56, SKS-45, Tula, and more.


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