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AK-47 Stock Set- Romanian

Here’s your chance to get your hands on some very unique Romanian AK-47 stocks. Each four piece AK stock set is battlefield used and has¬†definitely seen some action. Most(not all) come with carvings(usually soldier names) or hatch marks on the buttstock or lower forend. The lower forends have been chopped and customized for the soldier who carried it.

If you want your AK to look like the real deal, then this is the AK-47 Stock Set that you have been looking for. Includes all four pieces: Buttstock, Upper Hand Guard, lower fore end, and bakelite pistol grip. Every set is unique. You never know what you’re gonna get. Because each one is different, we are not able to accept returns. Roll the dice and walk away with a piece of history! Minor fitting may be required. Grip screw not included but is available here in case you need one.

These four piece laminated AK-47 stock sets will fit most AK type rifles build on a stamped receiver including most AK-74 variants.

Weight 4 lbs