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Romanian AK-47 Stock Set – 4 Piece Wood AK-47 Furniture Set w/Pistol Grip


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Want to own an actual piece of AK-47 military history? Well here’s your chance. Black Creek Armory just received a small quantity of original, military surplus, four piece AK-47 stock sets that were made in Romania back in the 50’s and 60’s. These stock sets were taken off of original military Romanian AK-47 rifles and have been stored in overseas arsenals for more than 40 years. Just imagine the stories these things would tell if they could talk. And although they’re definitely good looking, please understand that these are surplus. Exact color and finish may vary. You should expect some minor wear from actual battlefield use(but we think that what actually makes them cool).

Now, here’s the best part: Unlike a lot of the other surplus AK-47 stock sets we’ve seen in the past, this particular batch of Romanian AK-47 Stock Set still come with the buttstock sling mount and metal butt plate still attached. The only pieces not included are the grip screw and small metal retainer the sits inside upper handguard, but don’t worry, the retainer is neither necessary or visible when assembled.

OK, so here’s what you’ll get:

– laminate AK buttstock (includes metal sling mount, original metal butt plate and screws)
– plastic pistol grip (color may vary from brown to almost black)
– upper wooden handguard
– laminate lower forend pistol grip

These four piece AK-47 stock sets will fit most standard stamped receiver AK-47 rifles, and can be installed with nothing more than a screwdriver and a few minutes if your time.

** Condition and exact color may vary slightly from image shown.

Weight 3 lbs

Country of Origin