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SKS 30rd Magazine Promag


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These SKS 30rd Magazines Promag s are injection molded from strong, lightweight polymer. The springs are precision wound using heat-treated chrome silicon wire. The result is quality, consistency, durability and reliability.


SKS 7.62x39mm Magazine

SKS 7.62x39mm 30-Round Magazine (black polymer)

The SKS 30rd Magazine Promag is designed for those shooters who don’t like fixed magazines. To install, simply remove the 10rd box magazine(the one that came with the gun) by removing the trigger group. After that, pull back the bolt carrier and the 10rd magazine can easily be pulled out. . After the magazine is removed and the shooting components are back in place, the shooter can then use removable magazines with no hassle.


SKS 30rd Magazine Installation Instructions:


2. Lock the SKS bolt carrier open and switch the safety on.

3. Remove SKS trigger assembly by flipping the SKS upside down. You will see a small button located behind the SKS trigger group. Push that button in with the nose end of a 7.62×39 bullet(or screwdriver) and push down and forward. The SKS trigger group will pop up and can be pulled out by hand.

4. Pull back the bolt carrier and remove factory 10 round magazine.

5. Lay the rifle back down with the open magazine well facing up. Re-Insert the SKS trigger group by inserting it back in place. You may need to “pop” it with the palm of your hand in order for it to lock fully. You’ll hear it snap.

6. Install you SKS 30rd Magazine Promag by simply rocking it into place. Note: the SKS bolt carrier must be back and locked for the SKS 30rd magazine to lock fully.

*** Note: the process of removing the sks trigger group and 10rd mag only needs to be done once. After that, your new 30rd SKS Magazine promag, will pop right in and out.

Video: SKS 30rd Magazine Installation

*** Note: Although the magazine in the video is a metal design, the process for installing the SKS 30rd Magazine Promag Polymer is the exact same.

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