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SKS Stripper Clips (pack of 20) – 7.62×39

Sale! SKS Stripper Clips (pack of 20) – 7.62×39

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SKS Stripper Clips

Pack of original Chinese SKS Stripper Clips. These Stripper Clips come packed in light oil to prevent rust or corrosion. These SKS stripper clips are designed to work with all Chinese, Yugoslavian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian SKS rifles.

What are SKS Stripper Clips?

SKS stripper clips are designed to hold ten 7.62×39 cartridges together in a single unit for easier and quicker loading of the SKS rifle.

SKS stripper clips are used only for loading the magazine and are not necessary for the firearm to function. The SKS Stripper clip is an optional accessory designed to load ten bullets quickly although the rifle can still be loaded one round at a time.  The stripper clip get its name because, after the stripper clip is placed in the slot found at the top of the bolt carrier, the user presses on the cartridges from above, sliding them down and off the clip, thereby ‘stripping’ them off the clip and into the magazine. After the SKS magazine is loaded, the SKS stripper clip is pulled out and set aside for reloading. These can also be used to load standard 7.62×39 AK-47 magazines with the use of the AK-47 Speedloader.

Please note that there while most SKS stripper clips look the same, functionality may vary by manufacture. Ideally most shooters prefer Yugoslavian made Chinese stripper clips as they tend to have fewer feed problems when loading the bullet onto the clip(and stripping them from the clip). Newer production, non military SKS stripper clips may have a thick coating (paint) that can prevent the bullets from easily fitting into the channel.

We guarantee that you’ll be happy with these SKS stripper clips. Don’t waste your time and money on the newer production SKS stripper clips that may have difficulty while loading. Buy the right sks stripper clips the first time.

How to load a SKS with a stripper clip

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